Book Layout & Cover Design Service

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Is technology preventing you from self publishing

Leave the technical and creative problems to our team

No Computer Files - No Worries

We can work from your hard copy

Self Published Book Artwork

Created from your images and documents

Need help to design & produce artwork for your Self Published Book

  • We can utilise your computer files and photographs to design a pleasing and engaging book layout
  • If you have no computer files, only hard copies of your text and images we can work with those using high quality scanners to produce quality artwork.
  • Perhaps you only require a cover artwork. Our graphic design team can create an eye catching design to enhance your self published book and get your publication noticed
  • We can create ebooks for electronic tablets and smart phones.
  • If required we can manipulate your photographs to enhance their appearance or remove dust and scratches.
  • Clark & Mackay can supply press ready pdf files ready for self publishing

Finding it too difficult to create your book's artwork

If computers and technology are preventing you from publishing your novel, family history or self published book, then visit Clark & Mackay and leave the hard work to us. We have the expertise, equipment and software to make your self publishing dreams a reality.

We take the stress out of graphic design

We work with your computer files to bring your book to a reality. Whether you have used a word processor such as Microsoft Word or a desktop publishing programme such as Indesign or Publisher, we can manipulate the files to create a suitable artwork for publication.

We can work with most computer files including Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Indesign, Photoshop, Coreldraw Illustrator and pdfs. If you feel unsure as to whether we can utilise the software you have used, please contact us and we will advise you on what we can do to help you produce an artwork worthy of being published.

On the other hand if you do not have computer files but handwritten manuscript and photographs, talk to our team, we can convert your copy into the book you always dreamed of publishing. We have high resolution scanners to convert your photographs and or old documents into a suitable format for printing, and we can have your manuscript digitised and converted for page layout and design.

Need a Cover Artwork Designed?

We have a lot of clients who have supplied their own files for the text of their self published book but have found the design of the cover daunting and frustrating and end up unhappy with their efforts in creating an engaging cover themselves.

Clark & Mackay offers a cover design service to writers who feel they want a design that does their work justice. You can tell us what you envisage, supply any photographs and copy you wish to use and leave the rest to our Brisbane based design team.

Want to publish to an electronic device

Clark & Mackay can also offer you the ability to convert your manuscript or computer files to ebook format for reading on tablet and smartphone devices. We can provide both the traditional book artwork and the electronic book format, so you can reach a larger audience of readers.

Do you require an ISBN, perhaps an index?

We also can advise and assist with the ISBN number and barcode for your self published book.

For those authors who wish to have an accurate index, we have the software to generate an index from your files.

Need Advice and a Price

We are happy to advise on the best solution and a competitive price on your self publishing artwork & design requirements.

Would you like to talk to a member of our team

Our sales representatives are happy to help answer all your self publishing artwork & design questions.