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Clark & Mackay Brisbane can handle your Direct Mail Needs

A Brisbane based company servicing Brisbane & Queensland's Direct Mail and Marketing Requirements

Full Service of your Direct Mail requirements

If you require direct mailing services in Brisbane contact us, we supply a full service from the printing of your direct mail material, to the addressing of envelopes, melding and insertion of material and the direct mailing.

We save you time, money and stress

Using your data, whether it is a text file, excel spreadsheet or access database, we can prepare the addressing to meet Australia Post standards. This way we can get the best rate for your direct mail.

Direct Mail and Marketing needs completely covered

Need printed material to send out in your direct mailing. Our Brisbane based company has a full print facility which allows us to print advertising material, magazines, flyers etc to add to your bulk mail requirements.

We also have the ability to print variable data, whether it be on letterheads, invoices, statements, invitations or flyers, this adds a whole new dimension to your direct mail making it personalised and aiming your advertising/marketing dollar at its intended recipient. With our variable data printing we can make the data print as if it were part of the direct mailing document, seamlessly intergrating with the printed document, rather than looking like a mail merge.

Perhaps you have a newsletter or magazine which you need direct mailed to your members or clients. Our Brisbane factory can print the magazine, fold and bind it, then address header sheets with the information from your mailing database, and have the magazine and personalised addressed sheet sealed into a clear plastic bag. Your direct mail requirements looking after from start to finish.

Clark & Mackay also has the ability to print your invoices and address them using your direct mail database, and to help your business why not have an advertising leaflet printed and placed into the envelope with the invoice. This way you are direct mailing your advertising to people who matter and not wasting your bulk mail advertising dollar.

Clark & Mackay saves you money

Having Clark & Mackay handle your direct mailing needs frees your staff to do the job they are paid to do.

We have the equipment to print, address and fold and insert your job getting your direct mail out faster. We also understand Australia Post requirements so we can optimise and sort your database to ensure that your direct mailing gets the lowest postage rates possible.

Need Advice and a Price

We are happy to advise on the best solution and a competitive price on your direct mail requirements.

Would you like to talk to a consultant

Our sales representatives are all experienced professionals who are happy to help.